Love the gums you are with


September 2016

An open letter from your gums

Maybe you have heard in the media that you do not have to floss. Take it from your close friend (me- your gums) that this is not the whole story. Daily flossing is part of our loving relationship.

Because periodontal disease may develop slowly (and can be pain free) studies about flossing take a while . We need more conclusive science to undo 200 years of conventional wisdom.

There is no science involved in knowing that flossing can get rid of a bunch of bad stuff. I am down there in the trenches every day, dealing with that egg salad  sandwich you had for lunch and your late night popcorn snack.

Flossing will reach the parts that brushing alone cannot reach.

You are cramping my style if you don’t follow some important steps . That will lead to gingivitis and worse still periodontal disease. That makes you prone to tooth loss and an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. I don’t want that for you!

So here is the deal:

Brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes,  use interdental brushes and FLOSS – ask  your dentist to review your dental health twice a year.

If you take care of me – I will take care of you.

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